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LaTFURE – Learning and Teaching Tools Fuelling University Relations with the Economy in Mozambique and South Africa

LaTFURE aims to create the systemic and institutional conditions for introducing dual studies as an integral part of the higher education systems of South Africa and Mozambique, thereby strengthening the links between the higher education systems and their wider economic and social environment.

By combining higher education studies with vocational/practical learning, the dual system of study provides a model that strengthens the practical orientation of higher education, promotes cooperation between higher education institutions and their wider environment, produces human capital and skills for business and society, and supports research cooperation.

The choice of tourism and extractive industries for the pilot dual study programmes aims at meeting specific and identified skill gaps for the countries’ development and prosperity.

The objectives of the project are to define the legal and political framework at system level, to develop strategic, operational and administrative strategies, structures and mechanisms at institutional level and to create functional prototypes of dual study programmes that can be used as learning models system-wide.

2016 - 2020

Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education (CPHE)

16 Partner aus Deutschland, Österreich, Finnland, Mozambik, Südafrika


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