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Recaphe Enhancing Staff Research and Innovation Capacity in Professional Higher Education (2022)

Report on Research, Development and Innovation for Professional Higher Education
The RECAPHE project intends to broaden insight and awareness of applied research and innovation activities within Professional Higher Education Institutions in Europe and to create a platform for imparting further competences to research staff and students related to their specific experiences and needs. It aims to strengthen the profile of applied RDI in PHE in Europe, by:
● gaining insight into the scope and nature of applied RDI activities within PHEinstitutions in Europe;
● distinguishing the different competences required of applied researchers;
● assisting researchers in RDI to enhance their capacities;
● providing a clear future vision for applied RDI in Europe and a strategy on how toachieve it.It stands out as the first project to systematically consider applied research competences with a focus on PHE and to propose a concise competence framework: The RECAPHE Research Competence Framework is designed to build the research capacity of different target groups in Universities of Applied Sciences and specifically in Professional Higher Education Institutions. This Report on Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) for Professional Higher Education (PHE) has two main objectives (1) to sum up the results of the RECAPHE project and (2) to outline policy recommendations on RDI in PHE. To that end, a set of activities was designed based on different methods, which will be described in the following chapters of the present report.
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