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Europe is in a leading position in many sectors that can successfully apply blockchain or other Distributed Ledger Technologies. At the same time, the lack of digital skills throughout Europe threatens to hamper and slow down innovation. CHAISE is a Sector Skill Alliance, funded by the European Commission, to set forward a sectoral approach to Blockchain skills Development. CHAISE will formulate and deliver a European strategy to address skill mismatches and shortages in the Blockchain Sector and deliver appropriate and future focused training, qualifications, and mobility solutions, geared to sectoral realities and needs.

If Europe is to play a leading role in the future of digital technology markets, European policy and member states will have to craft an efficient and effective strategy to set up an environment for Blockchain technology implementation. One important component of this environment will be the provision of skills for professionals in order to foster the future innovation development of Europe’s industries, services and society at large. The current report is the result of the currently largest globally available analysis of skill needs and demands for the Blockchain sector, covering all of 27 European member states. It has been developed through a committed consortium of industry and science partners
supported through the European commission and is presenting the state of play of Europe’s current Blockchain capabilities and future demands.

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