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InclusiPHE – Inclusive Engagement of Non-Traditional Students in Professional Higher Education

European policy makers have stated that higher education should strengthen its social dimension in order to reflect the diversity of Europe’s populations within the student body. The InclusiPHE project will focus specifically on students at PHEIs (Professional Higher Education Institutions) who typically attract a more diverse range of students with a higher proportion of non-traditional students compared to more classical universities – such as adult students, lifelong learners, parent students, students from a migrant background, students with a disability, etc.

The InclusiPHE project connects the social dimension of HE with that of students’ engagement and has as main objective to contribute to creating a more inclusive environment at PHEIs. The project aims to improve policies, mechanisms and practices for inclusive engagement of all students regardless of their background and circumstances – to engage students in all aspects of teaching & learning, quality assurance & institutional decision making, within the life of the institution and student life in the wider sense, and also enabling them to fully embrace the democratic values of HE in their interactions with wider society.




Time Period
September 2020 - August 2023

Project Coordinator
University of Mondragon, Spain

Project partner
Mondragon University
European Students' Union
MCAST, Malta
Knowledge Innovation Centre
Institute for the Development of Education


Funding amount
265.475,00€ total budget
38.166,00€ DHBW Karlsruhe

Project team

Prof. Dr. Ulf-Daniel

Director of the Researchgroup and Professorship for Educational Management and Lifelong Learning

Prof. Dr. Ulf-Daniel

Director of the Researchgroup and Professorship for Educational Management and Lifelong Learning

Related publications
01 Brunner, M., Ehlers, U.-D. (2022): BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE ACADEMIC ENVIRONMENT: CHALLENGES AND NEEDS OF NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENTS AND POTENTIALS TO ADDRESS THEM. Tallinn. 31. EDEN Jahreskonferenz: Shaping the digital transformation of the education ecosystem in Europe.
02 Ehlers, U.-D., Brunner, M. (2021): Listening to the Student Voice –Student Engagement in Professional Higher Education in Europe. Madrid. 30. EDEN Jahreskonferenz: Lessons from a pandemic for the future of education. ONLINE ACCESS
The practical orientated education and training of professional higher education institutions attract a very diverse student body and more and more non-traditional students are finding their way to higher education institutions in Europe. In order to sufficiently address the different needs of this group, non-traditional students must be given opportunities for student engagement in student organisations and extracurricular activities outside of lectures. Furthermore, the diversity characteristics of non-traditional students within professional higher education institutions need to be analysed, as well as the barriers and challenges to student engagement. With the help of qualitative expert interviews and focus groups, five problem areas were defined and an outlook on possible improvements was given in order to sharpen the view of an inclusive university environment outside of the lecture hall.
03 Brunner, M., Eigbrecht, L., Ehlers, U.-D. (2021): Stronger Together. Towards inclusive student engagement of non-traditional students in Professional Higher Education. InclusiPHE Project Report. KarlsruheONLINE ACCESS

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